Wellness Coaching


Most people have the answer within them. They just need help identifying it and creating a plan of action. That's where I come in.


I partner with those who are struggling with:

  • emotional well-being 

  • lifestyle changes

  • work/life balance 

  • parenting issues

  • personal/professional relationships

  • goal achievement


I help you plan small steps to stay on track, keeping you accountable, providing guidance, and supporting you as you lead the way.

The initial consultation is to discuss the long-term goal of the coaching partnership and for how long the coaching will last. Weekly, we...

1. review the previous week's goal

2. target the goal of the current week's session

3. discuss ways to achieve the goal, identifying any problems

4. note session takeaways and specific actions to take

You can't start until you start; let me partner with you to get started.


Free initial consultation (30-40 minutes)

€300: one 45-minute session/week (4 weeks)

€520: one 45-minute session/week (8 weeks)

€720: one 45-minute session/week (12 weeks)


Phone: + 372 5693 6474

E-mail: dan@danfranch.com



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Tallinn, ESTONIA


Dan Franch OÜ
IBAN: EE36 2200 2210 7133 8441

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