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Wednesday Winsight-3: Customer Service - How well is your retail company training its staff?

In the US, they say that the customer is king. While I have found that American customer service can be a little “over-the-top”, the importance of making the customer feel acknowledged and appreciated can not be overemphasized.  In fact, check out most websites on how to improve your retail business, and customer service is always in the Top 10. Why? Great customer service:

  • keeps customers

  • increases customer spending

  • generates positive word-of-mouth advertising

The good news is that training initial customer service skills to your staff on the floor of retail stores such as restaurants, clothing shops, and food stores can be done in a short time and with a small budget.

Here are three initial ways it can be done:

  • Greet your customers when they arrive and thank them when they leave

  • When they are in your place of business, let customers know you are ready to assist them when needed

  • Be attentive and approachable

These simple, straightforward techniques are easy to implement and will have a positive impact on the customer experience. 

The customer doesn't have to be treated like a king or queen, but it is in the retail company's interest that each customer feels cared about.  Make sure your staff is trained to do that.

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