Thanks for taking the next step towards getting to know me!

Hello, I'm Dan.

I'm a versatile native English speaker who's been working with 1000+ non-native speakers from around the world for 20+ years. Each person and each language has its own linguistic pain points. I work with you to clean up what you want to write or say.

The key is to make your message clear.

A world traveler with a background in education and psychology, I bring a dynamic approach to what I do.

In business since 2019, Dan Franch OÜ is a spin-off of work I had already been doing since the 1990s. That’s helping people improve their English skills. Copywriter/Copy Editor, international English teacher, speech coach; I’ve worked with companies and individuals located in different parts of the world. All are aware that better English brings better returns. You’ll gain credibility. People will trust you more. Clients will continue with you and spread the word. Detailed, professional, accessible, and on time does not mean being stuffy or rigid. Flexibility and approachableness are key. A firm believer in building positive personal relationships, a cornerstone of Dan Franch OÜ is caring about you as a company/person, not just as a client. Still reading? Why not get in touch: