Thanks for taking the next step to get to know me!

Hello, I'm Dan.

Originally from the US, I have been helping people with their English while living abroad since 2000 in
Luxembourg, Eritrea, Germany, and now Estonia. I also lived in Morocco from 1994-1996. And I
backpacked around the world a few years before that.

So I’ve been around, helping 1000+ people in the private, business, and academic world sharpen their
writing and speaking skills. Few professional accomplishments give me more pleasure than seeing people
grow more confident and skillful in the way they use their English.

With a background in education and psychology; having lived in three continents; having traveled in over
50 more; and having worked with people from around the world, I bring a dynamic approach to what I do.
It's more than just developing English skills. It's creating positive personal relationships while helping
individuals and companies communicate with confidence.

Here’s a bit more about me and what I’ve done:

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, English
  • Master’s of Education, Educational & Counseling Psychology  
  • English Teacher certification (lifetime)
  • ESL Teacher certification (lifetime)
  • Coaching certification (International Coaching Federation)

Professional Activities

  • English and ESL teaching in six countries on three continents (the US, Morocco, Eritrea, Luxembourg, Germany, and Estonia)
  • School leadership and administration
  • Self-employment as a child psychologist
  • Private tutoring
  • Newspaper columnist and co-cartoonist
  • Language company owner
  • Freelance LinkedIn profile copywriter, CV editor, and website/document editor

Life Experiences

My life experiences are diverse. In 1991, I backpacked around the world for a year. I served in the Marine Corps and the Peace Corps.  In 1996, I was an electoral official with OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) in Bosnia after the war. An All-American wrestler in university, I have also run two marathons and done several long-distance hikes and bike rides throughout Europe. Add to that being a dad of two, a husband, son, brother, and friend.