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English Coaching



About Me

                    “We are all in the process of becoming.”

– Audre Lorde


Originally from the US, I have been helping non-native English users improve their speaking and writing for 20+ years. Currently, I work as a language coach and copywriter/editor.


Having lived in and/or traveled in 50+ countries, I bring plenty of life experiences to my work.


The following degrees and certifications add to those experiences:

     ● Master’s Degree, Educational and Counseling Psychology 

     ● Bachelor's Degree, English

     ● Coaching Certification (ICF)

     ● English / ESL Teaching Certification

I firmly believe in the power of building positive personal relationships. Flexibility, trust, and confidentiality are essential as we work together

to help you succeed.


English Coaching

Coaching is not teaching. As a language coach, I let you decide what to learn instead of telling you what to learn.


I help you to speak more freely and develop more confidence in your English language skills. Simultaneously - and due to my education and experiences - personal/professional matters, life issues, and cultural topics are inherent in the coaching sessions.


The following small group (2 to 6 people) and private sessions are offered face-to-face and online. They can be:

  • conversational English 

  • language development targeted to your personal/professional needs

  • coursebook work according to your language level 

  • national and international English exam preparation

Copywriting /


I write copy for non-native English speakers. I specialize in creating LinkedIn profiles and editing websites/texts so they look and sound personal and professional.


I take what you want to express and write clear and to the point text. 


I keep the text concise, which can be difficult when English is not your first language. I correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I also look at diction and syntax, deleting unnecessary words and simplifying awkward phrases, all the while maintaining the tone and meaning you are aiming for.


Client Feedback

“Dan taught me to express myself with confidence. Language is a tool, and you don't have to be ashamed if you make a mistake.”

Margit Argus

co-owner and architect

KAOS Arhitektid

“Dan connects easily with children he works with. He makes it clear that a foreign language is a tool. You don't need to be afraid to make mistakes but learn from them.”

Igor Andrejev 

restaurant co-owner

Moon, Kolm Sibulat,

Mantel ja Korsten

“Dan has been an English language coach for our employees in Estonia for more than two years. His  background in psychology is very helpful in the learning process."

"Dan has been an English language coach for our employees in Estonia for more than two years. His background in psychology is very helpful in the learning process."

Anna Metsger

office manager

IT software company, Tallinn

“I was very happy to work with Dan, and I was very happy with the way he created my LinkedIn profile.”

Mari Martin



“Dan has written 40+ LinkedIn profiles for B2B Growth OÜ. He is flexible, easy to work with, and meets all deadlines.”

Indrek Põldvee


B2B Growth OÜ

Dan is a real educator. He has so much passion not only for his students, but for the simple acts of teaching and learning. Years after high school, I still think of him as my mentor. They say that those who can’t do, teach. But Dan can do it all.

Teele Rebane

2016 National Public Speaking Champion, Estonia



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