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Better English = Better Returns

On Credibility

English that is clear and correctly used makes your company more credible

On Trust

Clients who trust the quality of your communications are more likely to trust your company

On Clients

Clients confident about your products and services will keep returning and tell others about your company

Helping You better your english

I am a native speaker from the US who works with individuals and companies to develop their written and spoken English. A former English teacher, I have an eye for detail.

My background in psychology helps me quickly grasp a company’s culture and the kind of English that is expected. A world traveler who’s lived in six different countries, I easily establish positive personal connections with people from all backgrounds.

Adaptable and optimistic, working with companies to strengthen the English being used is more than just words. It’s building a relationship.

It takes time to better your English.

Let me help.

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  • Better Marketing Campaigns1
  • Better Verbal Interactions1

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